End to End Supply Chain Fulfillment


We undertake bulk orders from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers across the world. Wholesome quality, timely & cost effective delivery, and great prices are our key differentiators. We provide our buyers with:

Product Information

All information related to the products, and their producers - this includes the source, and production methods. Any other information for trackability, product safety, reliability, and so on.

Quality Assurance

We check the quality of the products based on the mutually agreed upon parameters. We engage our own and third party quality experts, labs, and regulatory authorities to ensure that the products you get are pristine, healthy, and sustainable.

Timely Delivery

We rely on effective and proven management practices and IT systems to mitigate transportation risks and delays and honour our delivery schedule.

Cost Effective Logistics

We use multimodal transportation in the interest of lowering the logistics cost. We also optimize the supply chain by tapping on modern warehousing networks and logistic hubs / special economic zones.

Tracking Shipment

We enable you to track their shipment using their mobile phones and computers. They can, at any given point of time, know where their shipments are.

Customer service

We provide personalised customer service by making ourselves available for you over phone, email and in many cases, in person - to fulfill your needs.

Your requirements:

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